The Eastern Virginia Brass can offer several different concerts. Two main intents of presenting this variety of concerts is to offer programs that invite new audiences to experience the exciting realm of chamber music and to also have the opportunity of satisfying even the most experienced music lover. (These programs range in time from 50 minutes for education concerts to 60 minutes for other programs.)

Formal Concerts:

  •  Celebration for Brass and Organ. (Needed for this program is a venue with a good, in tune organ) Celebration for Brass and Organ is chamber music on the grandest scale. It includes works that are secular and sacred, old and new, profound and lighthearted, American and European. The composers are Widor, Gigout, Dinda, J.P.Sousa and contemporary Virginia composer, John Dixon. People leave this concert asking "how six musicians could create so much sound, beauty and excitement."

  •  Brass Bonanza is the glorious sound of trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba. What history brass instruments have had! The programming of this concert brings the Renaissance sound of St. Mark’s Basilica into the 21st century. It includes the profound music of Bach, the lighthearted sounds of Elizabethan dances and continues the journey to the timely band music of the American Civil War. For the first time on tour, the concert will include the newest piece for quintet commissioned by the EVB, Fanfare by young Virginia composer Thomas Joseph. (60 minutes)

Community Concerts:

  •  Have fun! Star Spangled Brass is an informal, old fashioned, band concert program in the style of John Philip Sousa. Including marches, opera arias, ragtime tunes and even jazz, this program especially celebrates American music. Everyone, all ages, all interests, can kick back and enjoy these tunes. This is a great program for family audiences. Wonderful indoors or outdoors. (60 minutes)

Education Concerts:

  •  Hello, Carnegie Hall! This brass quintet program introduces everyone to the ins and outs of brass instruments. The music—fun and energetic—ranges from Mozart to Sousa to Fats Waller. Each performers plays a work featuring his instrument in a solo. This program works well as a concert, but also as a master class for more advanced student musicians. (For two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba) (50 minutes)

  •  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Brass. A notably interactive program for brass trio (trumpet, horn, and trombone) that "leaks" all the insider information that everyone has ever wanted to know about brass! (The trio program is budget friendly, highly interactive and especially good for elementary students.) (50 minutes)

  •  The EVB will design workshops, master classes and concerts for your curriculum. To learn more about these concerts, please call Marlene Ford at 757-340-6406 or or Young Audiences of Virginia at 757-...-....

Holiday Concerts:

  •  Holiday Brass - a terrific family concert. Thrill to the festive music of the Eastern Virginia Brass as they perform holiday music through the ages, from beloved Christmas carols to the Renaissance glory of Gabrieli to jazzy jingle bells. Everyone is in an especially good mood as they enjoy a New Orleans style version of the Hallelujah Chorus. (45 minutes)